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LiteSpeed is a highly scalable, performance optimized web server. It was created to be completely interchangeable with Apache and is capable of instantly relieving major bottlenecks and other performance related issues that exists with other more commonly used web delivery platforms. Designed with a simple-to-use administrative web console, it also offers a variety of features that will help you optimize the architecture of your server to achieve the best performance possible and improve your reseller hosting service. At you will find the tools and resources to help you choose the best LiteSpeed hosting service for your needs.

As the LiteSpeed Technologies flagship product, LiteSpeed Web Server provides the latest innovative programming infrastructures that optimize high performance, lightning quick content delivery, advanced safeguard securities and enhanced reliability. Today, it is the only full-featured, completely optimized "drop in" server replacement that has the ability to totally replace the Apache HTTP Web Server, without any loss of its control panels or putting security at risk.

Top Rated Provers of LiteSpeed Web Hosting

List of Top Rated LiteSpeed Reseller Hosting Providers

Whether you want to start a web hosting business or just need to host your own sites, you can't go wrong with MDDHosting powered by LiteSpeed Web Server. They are consistently ranked at or near the top by users at with fast, professonal quality, LiteSpeed powered hosting services for all budgets and platforms. I have a tech related blog hosted with them currently and haven't experienced one single issue.
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Hawk Host
Hawk Host is one of the most trusted and reliable LiteSpeed powered reseller hosting providers in the industry. is currently hosted on a Hawk Host reseller account. My sites with them are fast loading and their support is second to none. Their LiteSpeed resellers plans start at only $18.95/month with 15GB of disk space and unlimited bandwidth.
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CrocWeb is a Canadian based hosting provider that offers LiteSpeed reseller hosting plans. I'm no longer a Croc Web customer, but was previously hosted on a Croc Web reseller account for years before I made the switch to Hawk Host, so I can personally vouch for their service. They have a 99.99% uptime guarantee and a 60-day money back policy.
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SpeedySparrow is an Australian based host that provides LiteSpeed reseller hosting service on the cloud powered by OnApp. Enter coupon HOST-RESOURCE at checkout to receive a 10% discount on annual reseller accounts.
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StableHost offers affordable LiteSpeed hosting plans in the US and Europe with a 45-day money back guarantee. Reseller plans start at $9.95/month. I'm a former StableHost customer and while I no longer use their services, they were an extremely reliable provider during my time their. Use coupon code hostresource at checkout for a one time 40% discount.
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Faster Than Apache

With its extensive feature set, LiteSpeed is capable of elevating both the scalability and raw speed of your hosting network. Real conditions testing indicate a LiteSpeed powered dedicated server delivers results six times quicker than Apache. With static content it far exceeds competitive accelerators, including: TUX, Boa and thttpd while processing PHP content with much greater efficiency and quickness when compared to Apache using mod_php.

Best LiteSpeed Reseller Hosting Once installed, LiteSpeed can be optimized even further for maximum performance and produce results observed up to nine times faster than that of an identical server running Apache. Benchmark testing indicates that PHP performance can increase by over 50%. LiteSpeed operates as much as three times faster than Apache in SSL.

With its ability to offer seamless replacement capabilities, the web server provides direct access to identical features provided by Apache. Some of these features include bandwidth limit enforcement and account suspend/resume. Time and time again LiteSpeed has been proven to outperform its rival, Apache, in all of the essential areas. Even when using a combination of Apache plus Varnish, it still provides faster results while using significantly fewer server resources.


LiteSpeed is fully capable of using Apache configuration files and features associated with Apache. Some of these features include:

  • .htaccess cache
  • mod_rewrite
  • mod_security 1.9/2.x compatible request filter
  • mod_frontpage
  • mod_include
  • mod_cache

LiteSpeed Web Server is also 100% compatible with the most commonly used web hosting control panels, including: cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin and Ensim.

User-Friendly Design

With its user-friendly design, LiteSpeed is easy to install, allowing the input of a variety of changes on-the-fly. It offers service monitoring in real-time and has its own automatic updating agent. Server management performance is simple by using Admin GUI, and PHP setup is automatic.

With a variety of interfaces and third-party software, LiteSpeed can support JSP/Servelet, ASP, ASP.NET, along with an infinite number of virtual hosts. It uses the most advanced DDoS protection that instantly stops any attack. It eliminates the possibility of allowing any attack to eat up computer resources, and has sophisticated tools, including "per IP request rate throttling", along with limitations on bandwidth.

#1 Shared Hosting Solution

Smart Keep Alive (unsupported by Apache) is a feature LiteSpeed includes to dynamically enable or disable Keep Alive for various media types. Smart Keep Alive enables Keep Alive for static content such as image, CSS and JavaScript files and disables it for dynamic content, which can conserve RAM usage and lower hardware requirements of your server. This is just one of many reasons LiteSpeed Web Server is the optimal choice when selecting a shared/reseller hosting service provider.

For those still looking toward Apache or one of the other various web server alternatives, just keep in mind LiteSpeed Web Server can produce significantly faster performance in a wide range of applications and conditions. It also helps ease the migration procedure with an Apache-to-LiteSpeed configuration converter that will simplify the process.

The best LiteSpeed reseller hosting providers will allow you to provide a higher quality of service to your clients and hosting customers by way of increased server stability, added security, more efficient usage of resources and better optimization; all of which will ultimately result in faster content delivery.

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