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Green Hosting: Help Protect The Environment
In an increasingly green society, many website owners are opting for web hosting services from providers who follow an eco-friendly business plan to offset their carbon footprint. Learn the ways this is being accomplished and do your part to protect the environment by choosing a "green" web host.

Hotlink Protection Tutorial: Save Your Bandwidth
Hotlink protection is a vital feature for those trying to save bandwidth from leechers. In this tutorial you will learn what hotlinking is, why it is harmful to many websites and how to enable hotlink protection in cPanel to stop people from linking to and displaying your content without permission.

Reduce Bandwidth Usage and Conserve Disk Space
In this tutorial we go over the many ways to reduce bandwidth consumption and disk space usage by using compression techniques, Content Delivery Networks, code optimization and cache, resulting in a better performing website and cheaper hosting bill.

How To Manage Domains In cPanel
Domain management is made very simple if you are making use of cPanel from your web hosting provider. This comprehensive guide will show you how to easily manage multilple domains, subdomains, redirects and more using cPanel.

How To Migrate Websites After Switching Hosts
Changing web hosting providers can be a real hassle. Not only do you need to find a quality web host, you will also have to transfer all your website files and databases to the servers of the new hosting provider. Check out this easy to follow guide and you will have your sites migrated quickly with no downtime.

Reseller Hosting Guide
Whether you want to start your own hosting company or just host a handful of your own personal sites, reseller hosting is the perfect solution. Learn the basics of reseller hosting and features to look for when searching for a reseller hosting provider.

Guide To Dedicated Servers
There may come a time when your small, low traffic blog or web site develops into a popular online destination, thus requiring more bandwidth and resources than you could have imagined. If you ever find yourself in this situation it may be time for an upgrade from shared hosting to your own dedicated server.

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